Organic Electronics and Optoelectronics

The scientific and technological activities of the research group “Organic Semiconductors for Electronics and Optoelectronics” are the deposition of thin organic and hybrid inorganic-organic films and layer structures as well as their technology and application. Deposition techniques employed are vacuum thermal evaporation (VTE) and chemical and organic vapor phase deposition (CVD/OVPD).

In close cooperation with AIXTRON SE / APEVA SE and other national and international partners, we are currently working on the development of hybrid device concepts for OLED and photovoltaics including the associated technology.

Infrastructure and Equipment

  • Use of the Central Laboratory for Micro- and Nanotechnology, CMNT, with 350 m2 of clean room area as well as the OVPD Lab in AIXTRON-Verfügungszentrum
  • AIXTRON OVPD Setup (Gen 1), CVD tools for organo-metal perovskites
  • Comprehensive film characterization with luminescence spectroscopy, reflectance measurements, microscopy and electrical measurements
  • Substrate, preparation and deposition technology