Further information about the courses can be found on the linked pages. Please note that the pages may refer to a semester in the past.

Overview of Courses

Title and LinkFormatLanguage / SpracheSem.
Compound Semiconductors: Physics, Technology and ApplicationL/TEW
Compound Semiconductors: Electronics, Photonics and ApplicationL/TES
Fundamentals of Organic Electronics and Optoelectronics: Technology and ApplicationsL+TEW
Fundamentals of Organic Electronics and Optoelectronics: Advanced Characterization, Physics, Devices L+TES
Compound Semiconductors and Optical Components (CSOC)L+TEW
Semiconductor CharacterizationL+TEW
Grundzüge der ElektrotechnikL+TGW
Grundlagen integrierter Schaltungen und SystemeL+TGW
Novel Electronic Materials and Components in Information Technology (NMIT) 2L+TES
GaN: Material, Technology and DevicesL+TES
Seminar: Current Aspects of Devices and Technology of Compound SemiconductorsSeminarG / EW+S
Seminar: Organic Electronics and OptoelectronicsSeminarG / EW+S
MATLAB meets LEGO Mindstorms Lab CourseGW
Praktikum Mikro- und Nanoelektronik Lab CourseGW
L: Lecture, T: Tutorial, E: English, G: German, W: Winter term, S: Summer term