The seminars are held on Fridays, usually from 11:00.

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Abbreviations for the seminars:
ATV: Current Aspects of Devices and Technology of Compound Semiconductors
SOE2: Seminar on Organic Electronics and Optoelectronics


21.07.2023S2ATV/SOE2Correlating electrical performance of MoS2-based field-effect transistors passivated with PEALD Al2O3 under different conditionsZeynep Şebnem İçtihadi
10 Uhr / 10 am
ZOOMATV/SOE2Development of GaN HEMTs Fabricated on Silicon, Silicon-on-Insulator, and Engineered Substrates and Heterogeneous IntegrationYunho Choi
10 Uhr / 10 am
ZOOMATV/SOE2Recent progress of organic light-emitting diode microdisplays for augmented reality/virtual reality applicationsMilen Nachev
07.07.2023S2ATV/SOE2Entwicklung von Gasphasendepositionsprozessen zur Herstellung von Übergangsmetalldichalkogenid-Monolagen und
-Heterostrukturen für optoelektronische Bauelemente
Annika Grundmann
30.06.2023S2ATVHardware and Information Security Primitives Based on 2D Materials and DevicesYuhui Li
30.06.2023S2SOE2High-performance quasi-2D perovskite light-emitting diodes from materials to devicesJonas Thün
26.05.2023S2ATVAlGaN/GaN HFET with C-doped back-barrierYingxin Li
05.05.2023S2ATVProcess optimization for fabrication of field-effect transistors (FET) based on 2-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides (2D-TMDC)Tianyishan Sun
ZOOMATVInternship at AIXTRON SEHaonan Tang
ZOOMATVMOCVD of WS2 on various substratesHaonan Tang
17.03.2023ZOOMATVComparison of Mesa Isolation by Dry-Etching and Ion Implantation for GaN-DevicesSybren d'Avis
10.03.2023S2ATVProzess-Entwicklung für dielektrische Interconnects auf GaNDenise Götschenberg
03.03.2023ZOOMATVCharge Trapping in GaN Power Transistors: Challenges and PerspectivesNahid Khan
03.03.2023ZOOMATVInvestigation of Selective GaN Etching Processes for Regrowth-Based Normally-Off DevicesRené Sandbote
03.03.2023ZOOMATVSelective area regrowth and doping for vertical gallium nitride power devices: Materials challenges and recent progressMarkus Beschow
17.02.2023S2ATVStatistical investigation of dislocation induced leakage current paths in AlGaN/GaN HEMT structures on Si and the impact of growth conditionsYichao Yang
17.02.2023S2SOE2Engineered 2D materials for optical bioimaging and path toward therapyHenki Xhepa
10.02.2023S2ATVInvestigation of SiNx Passivation for AlGaN/GaN HeterostructuresLiubou Padzialioshkina
10.02.2023S2SOE2Storage Capacity of Long Persistent PhosphorsVictor Sulzbach
03.02.2023S2ATVIII-N Technologies for Quantum Computing ApplicationsUmut Kocak
03.02.2023S2ATVDevelopment and characterization
of GaN-based memory cells
Arno Kirchbrücher
20.01.2023S2SOE2Toxicity of lead: What are the prospects for perovskite solar cells?Andreas Ost
20.01.2023S2ATVSize-Tunable Microlight-Emitting Diodes Using Sapphire NanomembranesElif Merve Özalp
(Donnerstag/Thursday, 9:00 Uhr/9 am)
ZOOMATVHerstellung und Charakterisierung von Gatemodulen für hochtemperaturstabile HFETsJohannes Georg Kohlhaas
18.11.2022ZOOMATVPraktikumsbericht zum Industriepraktikum
bei der Robert Bosch Semiconductor Manufacturing Dresden GmbH
Nils Mutert
28.10.2022ZOOMATVDesign and fabrication of 2D test structuresHleb Fiadziushkin
05.08.2022S2SOE2Emerging Advanced Photonics Applications of Graphene and Beyond-Graphene 2D Materials: Recent AdvancesTilbe Gökçel
29.07.2022S2SOE2Blue organic light-emitting diodesMartin Schmitz
29.07.2022S2ATVRecent Advances in GaN-Based Power HEMT DevicesHenki Xhepa
15.07.2022S2/ZOOMATVProgress and Prospects of GaN-based VCSEL from Near UV to Green EmissionRené Sandbote
15.07.2022S2/ZOOMSOE2Fiber Shaped Lighting - A Practical ReviewVictor Sulzbach
01.07.2022ZOOMATVAdvancements in complementary integrated logic circuits utilizing gallium nitrideAliénor Wagner
01.07.2022ZOOMATVProcessing and Characterization of Regrown GaN Diode StructuresShubham Agrawal
24.06.2022ZOOMSOE2Organische und Anorganische CVD-Halogenid-Perowskitschichten für LichtemitterHuimei Ma
24.06.2022ZOOMATVDesign and implementation of a microfluidic channel on flexible substrate multielectrode arrays (flexMEA) for biosensor applicationYuchen Wei
22.04.2022S2ATVFabrication and Characterisation of GaN-based p-Channel MISHFETsZineng Yang
01.04.2022ZOOMATVImpact of a Al0.05Ga0.95N Back Barrier Layer on the Electrical Characteristics of HEMTYingxin Li
18.03.2022ZOOMATVOptimization of metal/(Si)GeSn contact resistivity for low power CMOSJingxuan Sun
18.03.2022ZOOMATVGaN growth on sapphire with reduced defect density Yuan Ji
11.02.2022ZOOMSOE2Organic and Perovskite X-Ray DetectionVerena Bismor
11.02.2022ZOOMSOE2Organic Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors Based on Organic-2D HeterostructuresMarcel Nalborczyk
04.02.2022ZOOMSOE2Passivation in Perovskite Solar CellsSenem Ceylan
04.02.2022ZOOMATVPhotonic integrated circuits in III-Nitrides for the UV to IR spectrumTarek Hassan
28.01.2022ZOOMATVSelektive metallorganische Gasphasenepitaxie für (quasi-)vertikale GaN-basierte LeistungsbauelementeArne Debald
21.01.2022ZOOMSOE2Entwicklung und Untersuchung gasphasenbasierter Depositionsprozesse von Organo-Halogenid-PerowskitenDominik Stümmler