Student assistants

We are frequently looking for dedicated students to help us with our scientific work. Here are possible activities for student assistants (HiWi) listed. If you are interested in a topic, please contact the responsible contact or speak to us after a lecture or exercise .

Our Topics

Fabrication and Characterization of Microelectronic Devices

“To strengthen our team, we are looking for highly motivated and talented student assistants with at least 8 work hours per week. Your tasks are processing of microelectronic devices with multiple tools and electrical and material-related characterization of such devices”


Python Scripting

For easier customization and maintainability, we want to migrate to python-based scripts and tools.
We are looking for a motivated and creative student assistant (HiWi) with at least 8 work hours per week. Your tasks: Migrating the existing LabVIEW scripts to Python.


Other Topics