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About Compound Semiconductor Technology

Compound Semiconductor Technology (CST) works in the field of deposition and characterization of 3D and 2D compound semiconductors, hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductor materials as well as electronic and optoelectronic devices. Our research goals are energy-efficient components for power electronics, display technology, solid state lighting, 2D electronics, optoelectronics and organic / hybrid photovoltaics.

Group III nitrides are wide band-gap semiconductors for high-frequency and power transistors for communications and electronics. The direct band gap which can be set in the range from 0.8 eV to 6.2 eV makes this material interesting for light emitting and laser diodes as well as solar cells.

Another material class under investigation is 2D semiconductors, especially TMDC (transition metal dichalcogenides) which show extraordinary optical and electrical properties. This opens opportunities for new types of electronic and optoelectronic devices.

In contrast, organic and hybrid inorganic-organic semiconductors are predestined for deposition on large-area and flexible substrates. Electrically and optically active layers therefore find wide application possibilities, especially in consumer electronics, lighting, photovoltaics and displays.

Our activities are concentrated in two locations with excellent equipment and state-of-the-art infrastructure.