Seminars 30.04.2021

SOE2/ATV Seminars
Yuchen Wei
“Electro-Optic Investigations of III-N Thin Films”

Florian Sandbaumhüter
“Plasmadeposition auf nitrierten Stahlsubstraten”

11:00 in ZOOM

Seminars 23.04.2021

SOE2/ATV Seminars
Zineng Yang
Fabrication and Characterisation of p-channel GaN/AlGaN MISHFETs with ALD-deposited Al2O3 Dielectric Layer

Huimei Ma
“Chemische Gasphasenabscheidung und Charakterisierung von Perowskit-Filmen für die Anwendung in LED”
11:00 in ZOOM

Seminars and lectures as virtual ZOOM meetings until further notice.

Due to the current situation, no lectures, attendance-based public seminars and presentations are allowed.

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